• eIDAS and centralized electronic signatures - transforming digitalization

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  • The Impact of the European eIDAS Regulation
    This white paper provides a pragmatic overview of the European eIDAS regulation and gives the reader perspective on what products and services are needed to comply with the standards.
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  • Nexus

    Swedish-owned Nexus Group is an innovative and rapidly growing company, developing identity and security products and services for PKI and certificate lifecycle management. Nexus solution suite includes adaptive and strong authentication, SSO and federation, digital signatures, and credential management products.

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  • Introducing eIDAS - establishing trust in digital signatures

    According to the BBC - and our very own CTO Jon Geater - the power of the traditional hand-written signature may be under threat from its digital counterpart.

    While it may have taken some time, the increasing adoption of digital services – from banking and financial transactions in the private sector, to taxes and healthcare in the public – has led to a rise in the use of electronic signatures.

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  • Fuel your digital eIDAS transformation

    Eidas blog imgIn July last year EU Regulation N. 910/2014, also known as eIDAS, came into force – designed to harmonize national regulations around electronic signatures and digital identity and ensure the legal and technological interoperability of electronic identification systems. Its enforcement will drive the domestic market towards the digitization of document-based processes, and will therefore increase the use of electronic signature systems, long-term signature and document preservation systems, and strong authentication mechanisms, all of which will, ultimately, lead to an increase in the circulation of digital documents recognised as legally valid across Europe.

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  • eIDAS – breaking the grip from ink and paper

    Much has already been written on eIDAS, the new EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services; that it holds the promise of a safer and more integrated digital Europe, for example, or that it will make our everyday lives easier – whether opening a bank account or enrolling in a foreign university.

    However a task such as opening a bank account in the EU country of which you are a national – let alone one in a neighbouring country – can be surrounded by so much complexity and time, and so many processes (both paper-based and analog) that it becomes more of an esoteric ritual.

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  • e-Signatures for ZertEs and eiDAS
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  • EU Regulators Take Another Step Forward with eIDAS Standards

    A new protection profile has been introduced, giving manufacturers a standard by which to certify Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). The new protection profile, which is expected to be accepted under eIDAS (EU regulation 910/2014), provides a common EU standard for HSMs. Thales e-Security HSMs that are certified to this standard will meet EU governmental requirements for HSM procurement across the whole of the EU, where in many cases the American FIPS 140 standard has not been acceptable.

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  • nShield Connect XC & Connect
    • High-performance network-attached HSM
    • Delivers secure cryptographic services as a shared resource for distributed application instances and virtual machines
    • Features redundant hardware and is suitable for high-availability data centers.
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  • nShield Solo XC & Solo+
    • Embedded form factor for dedicated performance enhancement
    • Isolates critical security functions and minimizes IT interdependencies
    • Provides FIPS 140-2 certification for appliance vendors with high assurance requirements
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