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Time Source Master Clock


Time Source Master Clock

Secure, accurate, and auditable time - across your organization

FIPS 140-2

Time Source Master Clock (TSMC) from Thales e-Security is a network-attached time appliance that enables consistent, accurate, and auditable electronic time stamping by securely distributing accurate time throughout an organization. TSMC is a valuable complement to Time Stamp Server for business processes that require a secure and verifiable pathway to a trusted source of time. By deploying a cryptographically authenticated version of the industry-standard network time protocol (NTP), TSMC ensures the secure delivery of auditable time to multiple Thales Time Stamp Servers from a single source. For organizations that require an audit record of periodic calibration by a Root Time Authority, the TSMC can also provide a certified record of synchronization to a recognized source of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Working together, Time Stamp Server and Time Source Master Clock deliver high-assurance time stamping for a broad range of applications. Time Source Master Clock is certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

Benefits of Time Source Master Clock

  • Improves consistency, accuracy, and auditability of digital time stamping solutions.
  • Provides a single, secure source of trusted time, auditable to UTC.
  • Distributes accurate time throughout the organization.
  • Protects accuracy and integrity of time values from end to end, communicating through a highly secure transport protocol with Time Stamp Servers and external time authorities.
  • Easy to set up and manage.


Time Source Master Clock Features

Security Features 

  • A highly accurate and secure network appliance, with periodic calibration by a root time authority, provides a trusted source of time.
  • Secure time delivery protocol (DS/NTP) protects time values from network attack.
  • A verifiable time source enables trusted use within digital time stamp signatures, delivering non-repudiation and ensuring the ability to verify data integrity in the future.
  • A highly accurate reference clock ensures that accurate time is maintained throughout the organization even if external time references become temporarily unavailable.

Operational Features

  • Mutually authenticated verification chain secures time source and provides auditable time attestation certificates.
  • Standards-based controls distribute accurate time throughout the organization and maintain the integrity of time values across the organization.
  • Cryptographically authenticated network time protocol (NTP) ensures secure delivery of auditable time to multiple Time Stamp Servers from a single source.
  • Synchronization to recognized Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) enables certifiable auditing.
  • After initial setup, personnel can manage the unit remotely through a web-based user interface, streamlining operations.

Time Source Master Clock Options and Accessories


Product Variants 

Time Source Master Clock is available in two variants, allowing several authoritative time source inputs to be used.

  • TSMC-GPS: Thales Time Source Master Clock with GPS (Global Positioning System) and/or 1 PPS (Pulse Per Second) time inputs
  • TSMC-IRIG: Thales Time Source Master Clock with IRIG-B (Inter-range Instrumentation Group standard, Code B, at 110 PPS) time input

Time Stamp Server

Time Source Master Clock is a companion product to Time Stamp Server from Thales e-Security, a turnkey, network-attached appliance that keeps accurate time and creates secure time stamps to record creation time, filing time, or the timing of other events associated with electronic records and applications.

Time Source Master Clock Specifications 

Supported Protocols

  • DS/NTP, a secure time delivery protocol that protects time values from network attack and incorporates an automatic process of auditing and calibration to synchronize time.

Timing Accuracy

  • Network: 1-10 milliseconds, typical
  • GPS and 1PPS: ± 100 nanoseconds
  • OCXO-DHQ oscillator (TSMC-GPS units):

Short term stability (T = 1 sec): 2•10•¹²

Accuracy of time free run, one year: ± 300 milliseconds

  • IRIG: ± 10 microseconds
  • OCXO-HQ oscillator (TSMC-IRIG units):

Short term stability (T = 1 sec): 5•10•¹²

Accuracy of time free run, one year: ± 1.6 seconds


  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC): CFR 47, Part 15, Subpart B, Class A
  • CE Certification: EN55022 Class A; EN55024-1; EN60950
  • National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST): FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification
  • Information on RoHS compliance

Time Source Master Clock Data Sheet

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