Time Stamping

Digital or electronic time stamping technology is integral to an organization’s ability to enforce non-repudiation for electronic signing, to verify data and application integrity, and to ensure long-term auditability of electronic records. While software-only time stamping solutions are vulnerable to threats such as computer clock tampering, high assurance hardware-based time stamping from Thales e-Security delivers high confidence in the integrity and auditability of digital records. With automated time stamping, organizations can also increase their efficiency, reducing the cost of processes that otherwise rely on paper-based or manual signatures and dates.

Thales offers the nShield Time Stamping Option Pack, used with the nShield Solo HSM, to deliver secure time stamps. This solution supports diverse applications including financial transactions, legal filing and notarization, approval workflows, lotteries and gaming, security logs, long-term archives, electronic lab books, and code signing.

  • Time Stamping CD Pack Time Stamping Option Pack

    • Generates high-assurance time stamps for digital records
    • Creates an auditable chain to a central time source, and to UTC if required
    • Protects time stamping process in tamper-resistant hardware

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