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PKI Consultancy Services

Thales offers a wide range of PKI services to help you design and deploy highly effective PKIs customized to your environment. Thales is expert in working with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), open source, and other applications, and provides start-to-finish guidance--from initial requirements assessment, planning, and documentation through validation testing, deployment, and training.

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PKI Training - Download Data Sheet

Build the skills you need to optimize your PKI operations. People, processes, and technology drive the successful use of PKIs, and in today’s fluid workforce, personnel can quickly shift leaving PKIs in unfamiliar hands. Thales will train your team on the ins and outs of PKIs, equipping your staff to rapidly deploy and smoothly operate your system throughout its lifecycle. Key benefits of this service are:

  • Accelerated deployments managed by knowledgeable personnel
  • Reduced operating costs throughout the PKI lifecycle
  • Improved compliance through enhanced process understanding

PKI Document and Deploy Service - Download Data Sheet

Optimize and expand your existing PKI. Thales helps your business reconsider your use of digital certificates and PKIs and find ways to add flexibility and support more of your mission-critical applications than it does today. Key benefits of this service are:

  • Expanded functionality from your existing Public Key Infrastructure
  • High confidence in your PKI solution afforded by thorough planning, documentation and testing guided by Thales experts
  • Enhanced security through Thales HSMs proven over thousands of units deployed globally

PKI Healthcheck Service - Download Data Sheet

Determine the health and status of your PKI deployment. Thales PKI Healthcheck service tells you whether your PKI is performing optimally and most securely, and equips you with recommendations for improvements if it isn’t. Key benefits of this service are:

  • Decades of experience with PKIs enables Thales e-Security to deliver thorough and actionable recommendations to rectify issues and enhance the health of your PKI
  • Comprehensive analysis extending beyond PKI technology to include policy and governance provide the convenience and efficiency of a one-stop shop
  • Expert advice on security-enhancing Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) with the backing of thousands of Thales HSMs deployed globally

PKI Migration Service - Download Data Sheet

Are you running a PKI based on outdated & unsupported software? Thales can help you safely and securely migrate your PKI to a newer version, helping you take advantage of up-to-date security developments and other functional enhancements. Key benefits of this service are:

  • Solutions tailored to your risk tolerance and business needs developed by consultants with years of PKI experience
  • High confidence in your new solution afforded by expert risk assessment and mitigation planning upfront and thorough testing upon deployment
  • Detailed planning and documentation yielding minimal downtime during deployment

PKI SHA-1 to SHA-2 Migration Service - Download Data Sheet

Moving to SHA-2 presents a complex problem due to the integral nature of hash algorithms within PKIs, as well as various industry and application incompatibilities with SHA-2. Thales can help you securely manage the intricacies of this critical migration. Some key benefits of this service are:

  • Expertise to help you efficiently select among migration options
  • In-depth knowledge of complexities to help you avoid pitfalls and mitigate risks
  • Thorough upfront planning to minimize downtime

Contact Thales PKI Consultancy today and take the risk and cost out of deploying, upgrading or refreshing your self-managed PKI.

Ensure Your PKI Meets Your Organization’s Increasing Demands for Digital Certificate

  • Experienced team of specialized security consultants
  • Customized services to meet specific business needs
  • Focused on best practices to reduce deployment risk
  • Expert product knowledge and application know-how
  • Hardened PKI root of trust protects from cyber attacks

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