Deployment Services

When you invest in data protection solutions, you need more than the latest technology. You need to be absolutely sure you can enforce business policies, comply with regulatory mandates, leverage best practices, and prepare for future change—and deploy solutions quickly, while making the best possible use of your budget. Thales Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) offers a range of deployment services designed to help you complete important data protection projects quickly and correctly. To help you maximize return on your investment, our experts provide exactly the type and amount of help you need, when you need it. Recognizing that every data protection challenge is different, we will work closely with your team to ensure that you can deploy Thales products effectively in your environment and create a data protection architecture that addresses today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Deployment Review

    • Obtain an expert opinion on your security architecture
    • Empower your team to operate and maintain an optimal security architecture
    • Understand the nature, cost, and benefit of potential enhancements
    • Be fully confident that your security architecture aligns with business requirements and industry mandates

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  • HSM Application Code Review

    • Ensure that your code does not introduce security risks
    • Enhance developers’ security awareness—and their ability to create secure code efficiently
    • Maximize return on your investment in encryption
    • Be confident that your coding practices—and the code you deploy—align with business requirements and industry best practices

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  • Rapid Deployment

    • Accelerate deployment of Thales products.
    • Engage as much or as little help as you need, so you can use resources efficiently.
    • Ensure that your team can operate and maintain Thales products effectively over time.
    • Enhance your confidence in security and operational efficiency—and your ability to meet compliance goals

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  • Remote Administration Rapid Install

    • Quickly realize savings in travel costs and time using Remote Administration
    • Let Thales train your staff for a seamless transition
    • Leave any compatibility and upgrade concerns to Thales
    • Gain the confidence of expert installation backed by thousands of nShield deployments and experience with a wide variety of applications

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