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Datacryptor High Assurance Government Encryption


Datacryptor High Assurance Government Encryption

High assurance protection for the world's most sensitive government and military networks

FIPS 140-2   

Datacryptor products are designed from the ground up as completely customizable standalone encryption platforms. The commercial baseline approach provides complete freedom for innovation with no restrictions by any single government worldwide. Datacryptor encryption platforms retain “dual-use” export status, enabling complete access to global commercial and government markets. Leveraging a programmable FPGA architecture, unique, customized algorithms can be developed and deployed to satisfy high grade government applications.

These tamper-resistant units authenticate remote devices, exchange key material automatically, and encrypt and decrypt transmitted data. Trusted to protect sensitive networks around the world, Datacryptor IP and Datacryptor Link and Layer 2 platforms are designed to meet FIPS 140-2 Level 3. Custom algorithms can be certified for unique requirements.  Examples of existing and in-progress certifications include UK CAPS, NATO, and Austrailian C-Tick. 


  • Proven, certified, and trusted to protect the world’s most sensitive networks
  • Enables algorithm customization through programmable hardware
  • Meets the highest commercial security standards for voice, video, and data communications (FIPS, CAPS)
  • Meets government security standards
  • Secures a wide range of network connections
  • Reduces cost of ownership with remote management and configuration, minimal routine handling, and field upgrade-ability
  • Protects your investment—buy only the capacity you need, and upgrade easily as your needs change


Datacryptor High Grade Government Encryption Products: Features

Security Features 

  • Customizable algorithms and software enable Datacryptor platforms to meet a diverse range of high grade government and military security requirements.
  • A commercial, off-the-shelf baseline platform with no allegiance to any government or agency eliminates restrictions, enhances security, and streamlines procurement.
  • Complete, full-lifecycle control over key management processes enhances security, performance, and operational continuity.
  • Tamper-resistant hardware enables policy enforcement and reduces opportunity for insider attacks.

Operational Features 

  • A commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) platform that can be customized as needed helps government organizations reduce cost and accelerate deployments.
  • Optimized key management delivers low latency and near-line-speed performance.
  • Features such as remote management and configuration, minimal routine handling, and field upgradeability reduce cost of ownership.
  • The ability to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of local and wide area network architectures accelerates deployment and improves agility.
  • Delivered as standard 19” rack mountable devices; some are also available in small form factor versions to facilitate use in space-constrained environments.

Datacryptor High Grade Government Encryption Products: Options & Accessories


Options & Accessories

Datacryptor High Grade Government Encryption Models (Speed and Form Factor)

High Grade Government Encryption Table
Model Speed
1Mbps 10Mbps 100Mbps
Link Encryption
Datacryptor  Link Encryptor (19" Rack Mountable)
Datacryptor  Link Encryptor (Small Form Factor)
Datacryptor  E1/T1, E3/T3 (Small Form Factor)
Frame Relay
Datacryptor Frame Relay (19" Rack Mountable)
Datacryptor Frame Relay (Small Form Factor)
Layer 3 Encryption
Datacryptor IP (19" Rack Mountable)
Datacryptor IP (Small Form Factor)

Custom Algorithm Development Services

With more than 15 years of custom cryptography experience, Thales e-Security can deliver custom cryptographic solutions integrated into the Datacryptor AP (DCAP) hardware designs. Datacryptor AP products leverage a programmable FPGA architecture that provides for the implementation of custom algorithms to meet your specific requirements. Custom training and consulting are also available.  

Shelf Kits

Both single and dual-shelf mount kits are available to suit a variety of rack-mount requirements.

Power Supplies 

Datacryptor power supplies are designed for long life and continuous operation. Some models are available with dual-redundant power supplies. Organizations can order replacement and backup power supplies to enable them to replace failed units without downtime. 

Physical Keys

Some Datacryptor AP models require physical keys for operation. Replacement keys are available based on the model purchased.

Wiring and Cables

A large selection of host and network cables including RS-232, RS-530, X.21, V.35, and E1 (RJ48C and BNC) is available to meet any of your networking and host management requirements. Plug-in Optical Laser Modules are available to meet short, medium, and long-range connectivity requirements.

Datacryptor High Grade Government Encryption Products: Specifications

Customizable Cryptography

  • Baseline ESP Modes:
    • Tunnel
    • Transport (IPv4)
    • Baseline Encryption Algorithms
      • Triple DES
      • AES (128, 192, 256-bit key lengths)
      • Custom algorithms also available
      • Baseline Encryption Modes
        • CFBB, CBC, GCM

Baseline Certifications(customized solutions will not meet baseline certifications unless designed to do so)

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • CAPS
    • Baseline Grade
    • Enhanced Grade (up to UK Secret)
    • Common Criteria EAL4

Customizable Key Management Support

  • Baseline Device Authentication
    • X.509 Certificates
    • Baseline Key Agreement
      • Diffie-Hellman
      • National and/or Custom algorithms are also supported

Host Connectivity

  • Network Ports: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Management Port: 10BASE-T Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Control Port: RS-232 Serial (DE9)

Datacryptor AP Link Frame Relay Data Sheet

Datacryptor AP SFF Multiprotocol Data Sheet