Scope Review

Our consultants will visit your site and work with your staff to build a thorough understanding of your enterprise, mapping your business processes to your IT systems and identifying what is and what isn’t in scope.

We will then prepare a detailed report - complete with easy-to-understand data flow diagrams - summarising your current situation and setting out recommendations for future actions. We will also show you how to isolate those parts of your organisation to which the Standard applies, by controlling your Cardholder Data Environment and the spread of account data. This is our approach.

This is typically followed by a Gap Analysis which prepares your team by defining your current business status in relation to the requirements of the Standard.

Key benefits

  • An essential first step towards a successful compliance initiative
  • Detailed advice on how to limit the scope of your programme and save money
  • A quicker, easier route to achieving compliance with the PCI DSS
  • In-depth consultation from some of the industry’s leading experts

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