Gap Analysis

We start by working with your team to explain the Standard in detail, making sure that everyone has a clear understanding of what compliance entails.

We then progressively explore your current situation through a careful, methodical process based on facts, best practice and an open, honest dialogue between all participants.

Back at Thales, we’ll prepare a detailed and comprehensive report of everything that was discussed, together with a clear and unbiased analysis of how far you are away from complying with the Standard. This is our approach.

Equipping your team with this knowledge makes the next logical phase - Remediation Support - easier, quicker and much more efficient.

Key benefits

  • Bring your entire compliance team up to speed with in-depth on-site workshop sessions
  • Gain a comprehensive and detailed report on your current status
  • Recognise the challenges ahead and start planning to overcome them
  • Reduce confusion, risk and unplanned costs
  • Understand the finer points of the Standard as they apply to your business
  • Learn proven techniques for dealing with difficult or complex issues
  • Identify the best ways of working with third party suppliers, acquirers and the card schemes

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