For over a decade, exceet Secure Solutions AG has assisted enterprises from all branches of industry in designing and implementing IT security solutions. As gold partner of Thales e-Security, exceet Secure Solutions offers sales and supplementary professional services.


The IT security specialist provides services throughout the entire HSM lifecycle:

-  Definition and evaluation of requirements
-  Selection of suitable HSM products (e.g. re sizing, redundancy, design type,…)

-  Integration with application/s
-  Integration with business processes (key release, backup systems, role & security concepts, …)
-  Definition of business processes

-  Support in installation & configuration
-  German- and English-language support
-  Complaints management
-  Inventory management

-  User training
-  nCSE certification (nShield Certified Systems Engineer)

Software development:
-  Development of project-related custom software for maximum-security needs (SEE)

Furthermore, exceet Secure Solutions supports in fulfilling compliance requirements of public key infrastructures (PKIs). This includes, for instance, security and operational concepts, certificate policies and certification practice statements just as the preparation for and support in audits within the limits of a trust server provider.

Considering this, exceet Secure Solutions can take advantage of extensive expertise and long-time experience in building up and securing high-volume public key infrastructures (PKIs), especially in the field of e-health. A core supporting telematics infrastructure for the introduction of the new electronic health card (eGK) has been designed and built up in large part by exceet Secure Solutions. It’s one of the two largest PKI projects in Europe successfully realized by exceet Secure Solutions using a great number of Thales HSMs in the process.


Seit mehr als zehn Jahren unterstützt die exceet Secure Solutions AG Unternehmen aller Branchen bei der Konzeption und Umsetzung von IT-Security-Lösungen. Als GOLD Partner von Thales e-Security bietet exceet Secure Solutions den Vertrieb von Thales HSMs sowie ergänzende professionelle Services.

Der IT-Security-Spezialist stellt Services entlang des gesamten HSM-Lifecycles bereit:


- Definition und Bewertung von Anforderungen
- Auswahl der passenden HSM-Produkte (z. B. nach Sizing, Redundanz, Bauart,…)


- Anbindung an Applikation/en
- Integration in Betriebsprozesse (Schlüsselfreistellung, Backup-Systeme, Rollen- & Sicherheitskonzepte)
- Definition von Betriebsprozessen


- Unterstützung bei Installation & Konfiguration
- Deutsch- und englischsprachiger Support
- Reklamationsabwicklung
- Bestandsverwaltung

At a Glance
Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa
Headquarters: Dusseldorf
Contact Thales and exceet
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