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  • Is Your PKI Future-Proofed?

    View the webcast on-demand presented by Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder of the Ponemon Institute, and John Grimm, Senior Director of Security Strategy at Thales e-Security, for an overview of the top findings of the 2016 Global PKI Trends Study, including PKI best practices, trends in PKI deployment, and the role of hardware security modules (HSMs) in creating a trustworthy PKI.

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  • Secure Web Application Delivery with Real Time Analytics

    View our webinar with Citrix to learn how to build an end-to-end network architecture that enables you to secure web applications with robust security

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  • 2017 Data Threats – The Big Disconnect

    Date/Time: February 8, 2017 8:00 AM PT

    Spending on IT security to protect data is up - sharply in some sectors – yet successful data breaches are also up significantly. Clearly, there’s still a big disconnect. In this webinar And Kicklighter with Thales e-Security, and four time prime mover behind the Thales Data Threat Report, reviews the detailed findings of the just released 2017 Data Threat Report – Global Edition with an emphasis about the data threats that enterprises are experiencing, what they are doing to secure their data and actionable recommendations that enterprises can use today to secure their sensitive data from data threats.

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  • Decision Criteria and Analysis for Hardware-Based Encryption

    This webcast provides an explanation of criteria to help organizations decide which applications or data would benefit most from hardware-based encryption and key protection, as well as real-world example use cases.

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  • Protecting Application Delivery without Network Security Blind Spots

    SSL/TLS is extensively used to protect web traffic, but the technology can also be exploited to create security blind spots. SSL/TLS encrypted tunnels can be used to hide malicious codes and other threats from network security and performance monitoring tools. To prevent possible malware propagation across networks requires decrypt/encrypt capabilities that enable careful traffic monitoring and inspection.

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  • 2016 Encryption Application Trends

    Encryption is an increasingly important and prevalent technique to keep data safe.  But where should you use it, what are the pitfalls, and how can you ensure you get maximum impact for your investment?

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  • Cloud Based Payments: the future of Mobile Payments?

    Since HCE first became available in Android handsets, card issuers have been using it to deliver mobile payment solutions to the customers. With scheme specifications and the arrival of tokenisation there has been an increasing rate of adoption.

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  • Innovation and security in the digital payments world

    Digital commerce is growing rapidly with new ways to make payments more streamlined (e.g., in-app payments).  The drive towards improving the overall purchasing experience and ‘frictionless payments’ is forcing new security and trust models to evolve to meet new challenges and threats.

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  • 2016 Top Trends in Encryption and Data Protection

    Not surprisingly, companies are continuing to increase their use of encryption and other data protection techniques in response to data breaches and cyber attacks.  But some of the other top deployment reasons – and techniques being used -- may surprise you.  Watch the webinar and download the report.

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  • Data Protection in 2016 - Top 5 Use Cases

    2015 highlighted what we all know: data protection issues are a big deal.

    Join Kristina Cairns, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Thales e-Security and Sander Temme, Sr Product Line Manager, Thales e-Security as they share their practical knowledge of the top ways companies are protecting their data.

    Please register below to learn from our examples and make sure you're on track for 2016!

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