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  • Clinical trials go digital with Thales and SureClinical

    Pharmaceutical companies bring new drugs to market faster and more cost-efficiently through a secure, cloud-based regulatory document solution

    February 17,2015

    Thales, a world leader in critical information systems and cybersecurity, and SureClinical, a global provider of cloud-based content management application software and services for health sciences, announce that Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) are being used by SureClinical, to secure its cloud-based digital signing solution. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies can now conduct clinical trials faster and more cost-efficiently, accelerating speed to market, without compromising security.

  • Thales helps Qube revolutionize digital cinema distribution

    Thales nShield HSMs provide highest levels of trusted content protection and highly scalable online key management for digital film distribution

    September 15,2014

    Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) protect Qube digital cinema distribution system allowing filmmakers, producers and distributors to encrypt digital content and protect intellectual property while still keeping it easily accessible to authorized users.

  • Thales and SOA Software secure high-value applications as the world goes digital

    SOA integrates Thales HSMs to provide the highest level of protection and manage risk in a service oriented architecture

    September 02,2014

    Thales nShield family of hardware security modules (HSMs) integrate with SOA Software’s API Gateway, to provide enhanced data protection and threat prevention for mobile, cloud and web applications.

  • Prima Cinema deploys Thales security technology to achieve movie industry first

    Thales nShield HSMs help protect new-release movies and enable first commercial service for secure distribution to the home

    July 29,2014

    PRIMA Cinema, a pioneer in providing the ultimate home cinema experience, has deployed Thales nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) to address the piracy concerns of Hollywood studios and has become the first company in the history of cinema to be granted rights to distribute theatrical release movies to private home cinemas.

  • More than half of businesses own up to sensitive information being ‘readable’ when stored in the cloud, says Thales study

    Annual global survey reveals widespread uncertainty about cloud security and negative impact on security posture

    April 29,2014

    Thales, a world leader in Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity announces the cloud is losing the ‘scare factor’ for businesses, according to its latest report – Encryption in the Cloud.

  • Thales shows how your crypto systems can be trusted at InfoSecurity Europe 2014

    Release of third annual global survey by Thales and Ponemon Institute examining attitudes towards data protection, encryption and key management in the cloud

    April 24,2014

    Thales, a world leader in Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity, will be showcasing its high assurance cryptographic solutions for protecting cloud, mobile payments, public key infrastructures (PKIs), big data and cybersecurity at this year’s InfoSecurity Europe, Earls Court, London 29 April – 1 May 2014.