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  • Get ahead of the cyber threats
    May 27,2015 to May 27,2015

    Join Thales and Verisec for an inspiring day with some of the world’s leading experts on encryption, mobile development, digital payments and information security. And – in line with our tradition – we will of course end the day with spectacular magical entertainment, followed by a networking mingle.


    Mark B. Cooper – President & Founder

    PKI Solutions Inc. Portland, USA

    Known as the “PKI Guy” at Microsoft for 10 years and now recognized as a one of the world’s leading PKI-experts.

    Brian Phelps – Director of Professional Services

    Thales e-Security, Cambridge, United Kingdom

    As an innovative expert in cryptographic solutions he is quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and PC Week from his extensive experience in working with global corporations and governments.

    Pär Lundkvist – Digital Strategist and Director Business Development

    Tactel AB – A Panasonic Company, Malmö, Sweden

    As a strategist at “Moblie development company of the year 2014”, Pär is an expert on business transformation driven by the mobile paradigm.

    Dragoljub Nesic – SVP Strategy & Business Development

    Verisec AB, Stockholm, Sweden

    The creator of some of the most innovative identity-, cloud- and mobile security products in use today.

    Johan Henrikson – CEO

    Verisec AB, Stockholm, Sweden

    Founder of Verisec and IT-security evangelist, frequently speaking at conferences in Europe.

    Simon Keates - Principal Consultant Mobile Security, CISSP

    Thales e-Security, Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Combining technical expertise and insights in market trends, he develops strategies around HCE, mobile point of sale (mPOS), mobile payments and mobile authentication.

    John Grundy – Solutions Architect

    Verisec Ltd, Harrogate, United Kingdom

    IT-security specialist with expert knowledge in spotting system vulnerabilities, from both a technical and behavioural point of view

  • Cards, Payments and Mobile 2015 (Moscow, Russia)
    June 01,2015 to June 02,2015

    Cards, Payments and Mobile will be taking place on 1-2 June 2015, Moscow, Russia. Come and have a chat and a coffee with one of our data protection experts and find out how to secure mobile payments with Thales HSMs. 

    We will be giving away copies of our new mobile payments white paper, ‘Creating a trust infrastructure to support mobile payments’. You can also learn about the white paper by clicking on this link here: Creating Mobile Payments Infrastructure.

    Are your payment systems ready to go mobile?

    mPOS demonstration
    The one thing all payment transactions have in common in that they must be secure and new techniques create new security vulnerabilities. Strong encryption underpinned by HSMs has been shown to be the best means of securing any type of payment. Come and see our mobile point of sale demonstration with terminals from Magtek, Miura and Spire and find out how to protect customer data and de-scope vulnerable elements of the solution using point-to-point-encryption and Thales HSMs.

    Securing mobile payments with HCE and HSMs
    There’s been a tremendous amount of buzz around HCE, particularly since the launch of Apple Pay. Thales will be demonstrating how host card emulation (HCE) can be a viable alternative to secure element for mobile payments using mitigating factors such as session keys and tokenisation, with hardware security at the backend to manage keys authorisation requests. Come and see the demo of the Thales and BellID HCE solution.

    Do you trust your crypto systems?

    As organizations increasingly rely on cryptography as part of their data protection strategy and to protect their critical systems, the trustworthiness of these crypto systems becomes paramount. Thales can help organizations re-assess and re-evaluate their crypto security and key management infrastructure and deliver solutions that ensure their integrity and trustworthiness.

  • CIAB Conference 2015 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    June 16,2015 to June 18,2015

    Thales will be exhibiting CIAB FEBRABAN Conference 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 16-18.  Visit our booth #I13 to learn more about our data protection and key management solutions.  Talk to our executives to understand how Thales is helping top global enterprises to protect their most sensitive data.  Learn more about our solutions on:

    • Data and Application protection
    • Payments Security
    • Key Management
    • Network Encryption


    Visit our booth and enter to win an Apple TV!

  • SecureWorld Expo Portland (Portland, OR)
    June 17,2015 to June 17,2015

    Stop by our booth #201 to learn more about our Data Protection and Key Management solutions and how Thales can help you protect your sensitive data, reduce risk, demonstrate compliance and pursue strategic goals with greater confidence.

    SecureWorld Portland will address how security will be shaped internationally, nationally and at local levels providing content in the cyber-security industry.   The event offers a full day of presentations by security industry leaders and over 30 exhibitors.