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  • A step forward in payment security but an end to universal card usage?

    By | December 03, 2010

    Speaking at the Next Generation Cards & Payments Conference held in Brussels late last week, Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell, a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, made several New Year's resolutions. One of them highlighted a section of the 7th SEPA progress report, published in October, which for the first time contains a whole chapter on the security of retail payments.

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  • Consumer Awareness Of Mobile Payments Security Is Growing

    By | October 19, 2011

    This latest survey from Intersperience shows how aware consumers are and how much importance they are placing on security. The survey focuses on the more often talked about side of mobile payments security – the possibility of data being compromised on the phone or intercepted mid-transaction. However, as my colleague has talked about in previous posts, there are a number of other security considerations that are not as widely reported.

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  • How Many POS Security Documents Does One Need?

    By | August 11, 2010

    As the old joke goes, “the great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.” This certainly seems to be the case with point-of-sale (POS) devices, where there are now a number of overlapping initiatives aimed at improving payment card security. While this may seem to be unnecessarily redundant, it is important that POS vendors, retailers/merchants and financial services organizations understand how each of these initiatives relate to one another and how they can help keep sensitive information safe.

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  • What's The Point of PCI DSS if the World is Moving to EMV?

    By | January 19, 2012

    A small restaurant in Utah is taking a stand against one of the biggest regulations affecting the payment security industry. Cicero’s Ristorante in Park City has launched a countersuit against their merchant acquirer after it seized money from the restaurant’s account for alleged violations of PCI DSS.

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  • Canada shows how EMV migration can impact fraud

    By | September 09, 2010

    The voices calling for the U.S. to migrate to EMV have been growing louder over the past few months with Walmart, T-Mobile and even the Federal Reserve calling for or discussing the move. Meanwhile, just across the border, the United States’ close northern cousins in Canada have already taken the decision to make the move and are well underway in their migration to EMV.

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  • Chip and PIN impacts Australian card fraud

    By | December 07, 2010

    The latest figures from Australia released today show the impact that Chip and PIN can make on fraud, as skimming attacks committed domestically and overseas on Australian cards both fell. The number of skimming attacks committed in Australia on overseas cards also fell significantly.

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  • Online banking security: What went wrong? And, how can we fix it?

    By | January 04, 2010

    Whilst the outlook for face-to-face security in 2010 looks set to be fairly rosy, the same cannot be said for UK online banking. Despite the initial decline in fraud following the roll out of card readers, 2009 saw an increase in this type of fraud. Financial Fraud Action UK suggested that online banking fraud had actually risen by 55 per cent in the first half of 2009.

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  • A bridge to mobile payments

    By | April 16, 2010

    What’s it going to take to get contactless payments off the ground? Contactless card payments have been proving more of a slow burner than a big bang, and the introduction of mobile phones with embedded NFC capabilities that could be used for contactless payments has also been slow.

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  • Encryption Trends

    Trust in the cloud or trust in the phone? infographic

    By | November 06, 2012

    Encryption and Key Management is critical for data protection. The use of encryption continues to grow in response to privacy concerns, compliance, and cyber attacks.

    What are the approaches for the successful mass adoption of mobile payments among issuers, card schemes, acquirers, merchants and consumers and will the arrival of emerging mobile payment technologies and increasingly secure cloud services act as a revolutionary or evolutionary force? Take a look at our 'Trust in the cloud or trust in the phone?' infographic and check out our whitepaper.

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  • US merchants call for banks to move to EMV

    By | May 24, 2010

    With almost every other developed country in the world now moving towards Chip and PIN EMV technology, the United States’ continued use of magnetic stripe cards has looked out of kilter for a while now. The reasons behind the US stance are complex, and some of them have been previously discussed, but it seems now that some important voices are calling for a change.

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