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  • Apps that go bump in the night

    By | August 11, 2015

    Businesses are facing a ‘double whammy’ threat – attackers are not only going after applications themselves, but the platforms on which those applications run. The OWASP Top 10 list is an ongoing reminder of many different types of application flaws, and every latest/greatest security tool purports to be that last missing link to shoring up the security of your server and mobile platforms.

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  • Apple Pay: a continuous balancing act

    By | August 06, 2015

    On 14th July, Apple caused much excitement in the UK as it launched its mobile payments service, Apple Pay. From London Underground stations to coffee shops, nearly a quarter of a million outlets now offer Apple Pay, making it more widely available in the UK than when it first launched in the US in October last year. Its debut was exciting news for consumers, offering access to a slick and quick payment option with a brand they love, and carry around with them 24/7.

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  • Are consumers ready to move from leather to mobile wallets?

    By | July 06, 2015

    There has been much talk around mobile payments in recent years but it seems as though 2015 is the year in which words are being put into actions. Recently Google announced its plans to launch Android Pay towards the end of this year, a reinvention of its Google Wallet which struggled to attract widespread adoption as a mobile payments system four years ago. Then Apple informed us that it would be bringing Apple Pay to the UK this month. The spotlight is well and truly on the mobile wallet but is the market ready? 

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  • Skip EMV and move to mobile? No we will have both!

    By | June 10, 2015

    Sometimes in moving forward with EMV you need to look back. Earlier this year Thales e-Security was proud to sponsor the mobile track at the Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit, now in its eight (and final) year at Salt Lake City. Thales has been a regular participant at this event for much of this time.  This year though things were much different. No heated arguments about how the US could comply with the Durbin Amendment for routing debit transactions – the common AID for debit had been agreed and all parties are moving forward. No doubts about whether or not EMV cards will ever see significant adoption in the US – all card scheme keynotes were upbeat in their forecasts for significant card issuance in 2015, with the major acquirers pressing hard to get higher risk merchants with new terminals before the October 2015 liability shift.  No more talk about EMV being an out of date 20 year old technology – the general talk was about the need for collaboration and education to ensure that EMV is in place to support the critical payment infrastructure in the US.

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  • Securing digital signatures: SureClinical and beyond

    By | June 08, 2015
    Those who follow science news regularly (or even those who scan the front pages) have probably heard that the number of novel therapeutics – including new antibiotics and other lifesaving drugs – is steadily decreasing year over year. There are a number of reasons for this, but the trend is undoubtedly worsened by the slow pace of clinical trials, a process encumbered by mounds of paperwork and red tape.

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