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mobile security

Cloud-Based Mobile Payments

Learn about using Host Card Emulation to store critical payment credentials in a secure shared repository rather than in a phone-based Secure Element.

An Easy Step to HCE: Webcast Mobile Payments Whitepaper
key management

Key Management

Become familiar with key management approaches and best practices, and how to address the pain that has come with increasing adoption of encryption.

Key Management for Dummies Key Management Webcast

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Learn why organizations are adding Hardware Security Modules to root and issuing CAs in response to today’s demands.

Thales Microsoft PKI White Paper Trusted Crypto Webcast w/ SANS

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nShield HSMs provide support for the widest range of cryptographic algorithms, application programming interfaces (APIs) and host operating systems, enabling them to be used with virtually any business application.


payShield HSMs are the most widely deployed in the world, used in an estimated 80% of payment card transactions, and are dedicated to the payment industry for transaction processing and key management.


For over 20 years, the Datacryptor network encryption family has helped businesses and government organizations achieve their goals for secure, high-performance end-to-end connectivity.


keyAuthority® is a hardened, centralized key manager that provides high levels of assurance to users of applications and systems with embedded encryption.

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